HCP Direct

The Grovery’s strategic approach to marketing considers the unique circumstances, challenges and day-to-day tasks that all HCPs experience and crafts communications plans that reach them when they will be most open to our messages.

Through HCP Direct, we emphasize the clear benefits for the healthcare practitioner to engage with your brand, product or service. Your brand messaging is presented through channels that build trust with this critical, hard-to-reach audience.  

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HCP Direct Strategic Tactics


Personas help us develop more effective communication strategies that resonate with your target audience. In addition, marketing personas help align your organization’s marketing efforts across various channels, helping improve the effectiveness of campaigns and boosting ROI.


The Grovery’s Digital Marketers leverage this powerful tool for improving clicks and sales. Using this tech, we are able to identify potential HCP-advocates, which allows for more efficient targeting and can help identify new opportunities for brand growth.


Based on our findings from The Grovery Greenhouse™ workshop, our strategic marketers build messages that are specifically designed to move customers through the decision journey, generating awareness, deepening consideration for increased engagements that lead to conversion and sales.


The Grovery team can deliver customized ads and communications to HCPs in a specific location. This allows us to reach your target audiences within a smaller area and do so with greater accuracy, providing higher conversion rates and greater value for your marketing investment.

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For healthcare brands looking to reach patients and caregivers, it is important to focus on the practical benefits of your brand. The Grovery’s marketers take the time to understand their healthcare journey, their emotional needs and deliver tailored campaigns accordingly.



Patient Access Support is paramount to achieving better health outcomes. G-PASS focuses on aligning people, program and process communications for patients to understand their treatment access options so providers are armed with clear information and material.