Patient Direct

In moments of crisis, patients and their caregivers require trusted resources for the information they so desperately need. The most effective communications to patients involve telling a relatable story, personalizing the communication, providing clear and easy-to-understand information, establishing a clear call to action, and providing support and follow-up mechanisms.

The Grovery’s marketers take the time to understand the patient healthcare journey and their emotional needs to deliver tailored campaigns.

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Patient Direct Strategic Tactics


Understanding the emotional path that patients and their caregivers are going through is key to addressing their needs. Our journey maps not only plot their emotional course of but also ties in the communications channels they are utilizing to inform their healthcare choices.


Community is important to patients and caregivers when facing a life-changing diagnosis. Our experts leverage relevant and supportive content to drive engagement with your resources.


Create trust, authority and patient information assistance through the development of purposefully created and strategically accessible content pieces. Our engagements generally include the creation of Content Media Matrix, Editorial Planning and Marketing Automation Orchestration.


Our team uses unbranded terms to drive patients to healthcare providers and relevant indication-related content by searching specific keywords. Paid search is a cost effective way to target ads by geography, demographics, type/style of search term, and other contextual factors.

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HCP Direct

When targeting HCPs, The Grovery’s strategic digital marketers consider the unique challenges and day-to-day tasks of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and health administrators, and craft communications plans that reach them when they will be most open to our messages and that provide value through help and support.



Patient Access Support is paramount to achieving better health outcomes. G-PASS focuses on aligning people, program and process communications for patients to understand their treatment access options so providers are armed with clear information and material.