Convert your competitor’s customers with curated, targeted digital advertising. Competitor Conquesting allows brands to target potential customers who are already interested in similar services. The ability to target customers directly who are searching for competing products can generate awareness for your brand and lead to an increase in sales.

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Competitor Conquesting Strategic Tactics


Become more aware of your competitive landscape, pinpoint opportunities to differentiate your product or service, and gain insights into your brand’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison with your competition’s. Conducting a competitor audit and gap analysis can give you the knowledge you need to stay ahead in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive business climate.


Maximize your brand’s visibility by raising the likelihood of appearing in the same search results as its rivals, and help track competitor campaigns and strategies. Garner increased visibility and brand awareness, higher click-through rates, greater reach and better targeting of potential customers, improved SEO rankings, and better competitive insights.


Develop relevant messaging and content streams that speak directly to your audiences' needs. Messages are specifically designed to move customers through the decision journey, generating awareness, deepening consideration for increased engagements that lead to conversion and sales.


Serve ads to customers who are actively engaging with your competitors and create specific campaigns based on their existing customers’ tracked behaviors and preferences. Expand into new customer markets by targeting new audiences who have similar behaviors as existing customers. This strategy can help businesses maximize ROI and generate new strategies for increasing sales.

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