Video Engagement

One of the most effective tools for helping brands market and sell their SaaS platforms is video. Video allows you to engage customers in a way that text and audio cannot, by providing an interactive experience. This engagement helps establish a more personal connection with customers, which can be a powerful driver for customer loyalty.

Additionally, video can be used to provide a demonstration of the various features and functionality of the SaaS platform. This can provide potential customers with a better understanding of how the platform can effectively be utilized and potentially give them the confidence to make the purchase.

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Video Engagement Strategic Tactics


Video ads give viewers an immersive and engaging experience, allowing them to learn more about your platform in a short period of time. They are an effective way to demonstrate your platform’s features, benefits as well as success stories, providing a more authentic view that builds trust and confidence in the value it can bring to potential customers.


Using video to highlight success stories of current customers can be an engaging way to draw in potential customers. Sharing your videos on relevant social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be an effective way to portray the value of your platform and generate awareness, engagement and conversions.


Effectively reach your target audiences and showcase your SaaS platform on digital channels, connected TV, various streaming services and platforms, including YouTube and Hulu. With modern targeting, video advertising is quickly replacing TV as the medium of choice for brands to connect with potential customers in a cost-effective way.


A microsite can be an effective way for your SaaS platform to build relationships, create lasting impressions, and generate leads. Furthermore, a microsite for a SaaS platform can make content easily accessible, provide useful information and resources, as well as help build SEO ranking and generate website traffic. Microsites can be used for marketing campaigns, event announcements, and customer feedback or reviews.

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